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Using WPF Toolkit in comercial software

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Dec 1, 2013 at 8:19 PM
Hello, I'm small developer and I plan to use some WPF Controls in my comercial project. I know that it's under MS-PL license, but I want to comply properly with this license, so I've a few simple questions (I'll only distribute binary form (on Windows Phone Store)):
  • do I've to put any license in my App? eg. special page in my App?
  • do I've to list all controls I've used from WPF Toolkit?
  • which remarks I've to add - "WPF Toolkit controls have been used in this App. All rights reserved" - would something like this be sufficient in 'about' page?
  • do I've to add something in App Page in Windows Phone store?
  • do you have any examples how to do it properly? (eg. screenshots, which text to put into about page'?